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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Nov 27, 2008 12:50pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Special Holiday favor: best of 65-73

I think the Thai's going nuts over there is awesome. Why don't we do that? Ever see the South Koreans out in the streets protesting - knocking heads down on Main Street? Holy Crap! Even a lot of the Europeans - especially the farmers - go bonkers in the streets now and then to defend there way of life. Perhaps the least we could do is have an effective national strike, draw a line in the sand, and take a stand. Bring the fat cats to their knees financially - and for real - where they belong. Make the bastards beg us to come back into the fold. Why not demand they get behind a decent way of life? Take to the streets and protest en-mass?

Earl, your passion for the bunker mentality is remarkable. I'm thinkin' the same thing, but isn't that the epitomy of divide and conquer? Don't we lose? Is that what we want? I'm proud to be someone who opens people's minds sometimes. My PR skills are way too edgy. So what if they suck? Lots of us don't like stuff we're seeing when we take a good look in our mirror. When I look I'm thinking, what if I were a kid right now? Of course I remind myself I'm thankful for my situation, but I'm hurting a lot too. So here's my pick of picks:

Grateful Dead - SBD
Kresge Plaza, M.I.T.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
May 6, 1970 - Wednesday

Disc 1

1. Dancin' In The Streets
2. China Cat Sunflower >
3. I Know You Rider
4. Next Time You See
5. Morning Dew

Disc 2

1. Good Lovin'
2. Casey Jones
3. Saint Stephen >
4. Not Fade Away

Free concert - nationwide campus strikes to protest Kent State killings

Everyone was coming unglued - all across our country! College campuses erupted nationwide right after the Kent State massacre. I'm proud as a peacock my favorite band was at the epicenter of The Movement, regardless of what Jerry never said about politics or Vietnam. And what band played at Woodstock and Watkins Glen? Looking back, people started burning their draft cards in 1965 at UC Berkeley at a teach-in attended by 30,000.

This famous and timeless "Hippie Temptation" film clip on You Tube immortalizes The Boys in 1967. Phil sums it up in the piece, "The scene has grown up with us, and we have grown up with the scene. We've both grown up together." Me too. Jer and Bob quotes from this clip also bear repeating. Jer - "A peaceful planet... We just want a simple life, a good life. Move the planet ahead a step." Bob - "people in our neighborhood smoking dope don't have wars."

It was freezing outside for this thriller show - especially if you're in the band and playing. Imagine moving your ice-cold fingers around your axe - picking strings and forming chords - cleanly? It's amazing what was played. Not so easy when it's a chilly spring day in the low-to-mid 40s. Even playing drums was surely challenging. Just clinging onto the drumsticks would have been tricky. Why can't we do something this courageous and selfless, for a righteous cause? Like how about demanding the rights to our future? So we can proudly pass it along. Why not let everyone share its glory?

This show forever demonstrates to me the naked core spirit and values of The Grateful Dead band at the very peak of their initial maturation. To me, BY FAR, this was their best angle EVER over their 30-year career. I'm claiming that The Dead were arguably the kings of the counter-culture movement during the latter half of the 20th Century - but for perhaps Dr. Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and Pete Seeger. Their music, songs, lyrics, style, sound system, moods, setlists, artform, performances, free shows, improvisational risk-taking, precedent-setting jams, spontaneity, recording, taper policies, and INTENT were all based on this thesis. I was so pissed off about that Deadheads for Obama thing. WTF? Just take the sign down, damnit. Play all you want.

As for listening to this show -- it's a great show to have. It's a moving and historic performance. The LMA streaming files are corrupted. It doesn't stream for me. Maybe Matt Vernon and his volunteers can straighten this out. Here is this show on The Archive.

Here is the bit torrent at bt-etree.

Just got my "permit" finally. Did something decent without fucking it up. Proud of myself. Self-preservation. I was hurting. Pretty bad shape after intermittent weeks of zilch. Been going on for quite awhile. Not anymore. Plus, I'm legit now. Just like people were doing thousands of years ago. And Michigan just joined the brotherhood. They jumped into the fray a couple of weeks back. Welcome brothers and sisters to our 13-state nation. Massachusetts gets a mentionable high-5 for becoming the 39th place to draw down.

I got on The_Bus at bt-etree. Remarkable projects are seeding year-by-year. The earlier and best years first. Every Dead tape that ever circulated is going out. Cherry-picking on steroids for anyone stopping by. Energizer-bunny mode. All legit by The Boys' trade-friendly policies.

Don't know what else to say - whatever - - - guess I'm a jerkweed. I'm sorry. No excuses. I'm an idiot sometimes. Sometimes I say stuff I shouldn't say, or do stuff in a way I shouldn't do it. Yes, I regret it. My bad.

He Live's, looks like you've got some company from this new guy. I can't go where you guys go. I am humbled. Also, you and Liam - that 79-12-28 is a stellar show for the ages. It's easy for me to speak to the club tunes played. Mexicali Blues drives as well as I ever heard them play my favorite polka. I don't give a shit if this tune didn't win the cowboy tune poll over at LL. It's All Over Now is so fucking nailed here - some of the best pure polish I ever heard The Boys belt out. It shoulda been #1 on every rock radio station for 6 months. The Sugaree opener gets high praise. Bob gets a wee-bit slide crazy though. Hunter Seamon's matrix gives this beauty of a show all its glory.

I'm already emotionally gone. Look at Arb - there's a guy under control. BD, maybe you can chime in on the counter-culture. From your insider in-the-know angle. Cliff, "that pic" is not a tractor. It's a vacuum cleaner - as in sucking up the internet around here. The ride says Hoover on the damn thing, not John Deere. Just me saying, "get it while the getting is good." Speaking out in defense of Net Neutrality. NC, don't blame me cause you were saying so much. At least you give a shit. I'm proud of you for taking a stand. I admire that. We disagree on many points. GC says so well what I've been trying to say around here. Stealz, sorry about your loss.

The Dead completely changed my life. And they've come back to haunt me. Is it worth the risk-taking of posting here? Bfd. Sharing about these boys is good therapy for everyone. Vote me off here, and I'll go - whether it's censorship and/or my poop stinking. It's most important, I believe, that the message comes out and stays alive. I waited over a month to say this. I can wait again, longer than that.

Happy Thanksgiving out there to all the DeadHeads. It's not too late to act. Peace everyone.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Nov 27, 2008 5:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Special Holiday favor: best of 65-73

Hey Monte--thanks for that MIT suggestion. CLIFF and I go way back on this one. Along with Alfred, it makes you realize how amazing May was that year.

And, sorry if things have been rocky of late; no need to apologize. Your contributions more than compensate. We all have our foot in mouth experiences, and I certainly haven't seen anything out of the ordinary.

Take care friend.

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Poster: whirlwind dreamer 65-95 Date: Nov 27, 2008 6:40pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Special Holiday favor: best of 65-73

just for fun w.t. 1974> disc-3 dark star 1975> d-2 @ truckin 1976> set-2 1977> set-2 ok!!! wt just for kix!!!:)